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Festplatten Duplikator Addonics HDUS1125 - 19.10.2017 9:49:00 - 1
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Festplatten Duplikator Addonics HDUS1125

1:11 2.5" HDD/SSD Duplicator

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About the 2.5" HDD/SSD Duplicator Series

The Addonics family of 2.5" duplicator is an economical hard drive duplicator solution with choice of models for copying from three up to as many as eleven 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD. There is no computer needed or complex software to operate. Just open the doors on the drive bays, load your master hard drive to the source bay and other hard drives of capacity equal or larger into the target bays, lock the drive doors and push the start button to start the copying process.

The HDUS1125LT is a 1:11 HDD or SSD duplicator with integrated Snap-In Disk Array allowing hard drives to be easily added or removed from the system just like an ordinary cassette tape, without any special tool.

  • Copy up to eleven 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSD
  • Great for cloning hard drives, making back up hard drives, system upgrade and data distribution
  • Support any file system
  • Support any 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD with thickness up to 12.7 mm
  • Maximum drive size >3TB
  • Typical copying speed*:
  • Copying Speed
  • 1 drive 3 drive 4 drives and more
  • ~ 105 MB/sec ~ 70 MB/sec ~ 50 MB/sec
  • Drive sanitization:
  • SECURE ERASE - HDD duplicator sends a WIPE command to the hard drive. This command fills 00 string to entire HDD
  • OVERWRITE - One pass, 3 passes and 7 passes 5220.22-M. The duplicator writes a string of pattern over the entire disk one time, three times or seven times.5220.22-M is the DoD standard for drive sanitization
  • LCM control module provides a rich set of robust advanced configuration options (click Full LCD console feature list to see a complete list of this duplicator functions)
  • Operate as a stand alone appliance. No computer or software needed

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